"The Build"

The best way to describe “The Build” is to say, it is the assembly of the parts to make the bungee cord & the Process to Select Material, Cut, Assemble, Crimp/Ferrule, Count & Package for shipment. The Process can vary between Countries & Companies that do “The Build”. Our Builds consist of the Highest Quality USA Made Materials, Plus Tried & True Procedures. We build all our Bungee Cords Better than Industry standard.


1. Decide on Bungee Cord Material. Diameter or Thickness, (Weave/Braid) Jacket.

2. Decide on Hooks, because this will change the way you build your Bungee Cord & the overall Length of a Finished Bungee Cord.

3. Purchase Materials, Bungee Cord, Hooks, Finishing Parts (Heat Shrink/Lighter), Attachment Parts (Hog Rings/Crimps) & Tools Needed to Attach Parts (Pliers/Press/Heat Gun).


1. Cut Bungee Cord Material to Length, This Length can vary with the different processes to attach your Hook. If you are concerned about the Finished Length you will need to take in to Consideration of the Hook length & the amount of cord that you will fold over to crimp or ferrule. If you use the Looped End on your Bungee Cord you will need to take in to consideration the length of the Loop, We also use Ferrules on our Bungee Cord Connections, this allows us to Loop the Cord to hold more types of Hooks on the Ends of the Bungee Cords. Also Consider the Length of the Hook and how much the material will expand after you compress the Ferrule.

2. Assemble Bungee Cord, Cutting Bungee Cord (Video) When Attaching Hog Rings (Video)  When Attaching Ferrules (Video) Final Assembly (Video)

Notes: We build with 2 Hog Ring Crimps, when other Bungee Cord Manufacturers use just 1 Crimp.

Hook & Cord’s manufacturing process will help insure that the Bungee Cords will Last Longer. To insure that the Bungee Cords will not fail under normal use. Hook & Cord uses the Strongest Metal Hooks, Plastic Parts & Equipment to Build the Best Quality Bungee Cords.

Our High Quality Bungee Cords will hold up when you need them.



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