Jacket & Rubber Core

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Also known as Jacket.


How does the Weave & Braid work?

The Weave or Braid on a Bungee Cord is to Strengthen and Create a Limit to the Length that the Inner Rubber Core can be Stretched. A Weave or Braid is Wrapped Around the Rubber Core while the Rubber Core is Pre-Stretched or is Under Tension. This Tension Reduces the Diameter of the Rubber Core and Increases the Resting Resistance after the Cord is Wrapped. Increasing the Amount of Pre-Stretch or Tension When Wrapped will Increase the Resting Resistance. This Happens Because the Weave or Braid has Less Slack in the Material, so the Rubber Core While at Rest is Still Pulling/Pushing Against the Weave or Braiding. The Down Side to Excessively Pre-Stretching the Material is that It will Reduce the Overall Max Stretching Distance. Depending on the (Weave/Braid) Jacket the Standard Overall Max. Stretch is Between 90% to 120%.


More Information on Rubber Core


Stranded Core vs Solid Core

Stranded Core Bungee Cord is the most common type of Bungee Cord produced. The Stranded Rubber Core must have a (Weave/Braid) Jacket to stop the bungee cord from ripping apart. The Stranded Rubber Core has a relative short breaking point without the strong outer (Weave/Braid) Jacket. Stranded Cord is a more Flexible Material and Easier to Assemble with Crimps, Ferrules & Hooks. Stranded Rubber Core Material has Less of an Elastic Memory and will Quickly Return to its Resting Shape or Diameter.


Solid Core Bungee Cords are not as common, but they do play a vital role in the Bungee Cord industry. Solid Core material Generally is a stronger material, but not as flexible. Solid Core Material has Great Stretching Memory. This means that it will want to return to the resting point of the material a lot faster than Stranded Material. Solid Core Materials have Higher Resistance & also has a longer life span, because it does not completely depend on the (Weave/Braid) Jacket to stop it from failing. Actually most of the time Solid Core Material will come without a (Weave/Braid) Jacket. Solid Core Material can fail if the material cracks from drying out or if the material surface gets damaged or nicked.


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